Esterizer: Name of a family of apparatus

Esters form a material group of organic compounds which are created by equation or by hand through the reaction of an acid and an alcohol while exposed to water splitting (a condensation reaction). Substituting the alcohol content of an ester for another one is known as transesterification.

These are precisely the fundamental reactions when manufacturing methyl ester, the so-called BIODIESEL. Esterizing fatty acids with alcohol, or splitting a triglyceride and replacing the threefold alcohol glycerine with a single alcohol methanol.

The ESTERIZER family of apparatus was devised to perpetuate these reactions to a high quality standard. The heart of the development consists of a metering station and a mixer.

Esterizer dosing station V 1.0 in use for 5 years (24 hrs/day).

Esterizer reactor V 1.0 in use for 5 years (24 hrs/day).

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