Catalyst mixer:
Our catalyst mixer is now in its 4th generation. Based on a cooled batch mixer with agitator, we can now offer hydraulic systems in different sizes with variable feed rates
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Our dryers range from compact column heaters to falling film evaporators and rectifying columns. If the temperature is not prescribed for the specific process (sterilisation), we give the vacuum priority over high temperatures, thus achieving products with inherent stability

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Our original reactor "Esterizer V1.0" was conceived in 2000 for an installation with a production capacity of 10,000 tonnes/annum. The pressure-resistant model allows processing above the boiling point of methanol or ethanol (lower catalyst consumption) and by doing so prevents

In view of our international orientation, the tanks, as well as all the construction work, are usually provided by the customer, or commissioned on his own initiative. Nevertheless, we still act as consultants and can also provide certified tanks, on request, through the intermediary of partner companies
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Process technology:
The provision of the process technology ranges from basic engineering to parts list. After an in-depth briefing by the customer, we draft a rough layout by piecing together the desired installation using modules (processors) developed specifically for our systems. Assuming we reach an agreement about the output performance, we then proceed to the P & I (piping and instrumentation) diagrams.
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Reverse osmosis:
Processes frequently call for desalinated water. Whereas we used to put ion exchange cartridges or reverse osmosis apparatus at our customers' disposal, the high demand has prompted us start building these devices.
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The blending of solid or hot concentrates with aqueous or alcoholic solutions is a special feature of additive manufacturing. Our close connections with fuel production have also introduced us to this branch of mixing technology
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Ion exchangers:
Ion exchangers are ideal components in process technology when it's a question of removing slight contamination from liquids. But ion exchange resins can also considerably simplify reaction technology processing in their role as heterogeneous catalysts.
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Dosing technology:
Metering stations and mixers are essentially the components in which our invention is rooted. It is for this reason that considerable emphasis was placed on quality right from the start and only elements of the highest standards are employed. SERA metering pumps and metrological technology built by Endress + Hauser are accordingly well represented on the following pages...